Chidoo Quizmaster

Chidoo Quizmaster is a WordPress-plugin that provides various educational learning apps. Currently, there is a single app available, called “The Memory” which is a memory game focusing on learning musical notes. With Chidoo Quizmaster you can also create custom apps, which do things whatever you want.

Basic usage

After plugin activation, navigate to Quizmaster menu in your WordPress backend. You will see a list of all chidoo Quizmaster apps available. Each app provides some information about itself. Any app can be activated or deactivated. You can switch the activation status by clicking on the active/inactive status. Each app provides a single shortcode, which can be integrated on a page where the app should appear. Once an app is in state active its shortcode comes to live.

Including a Quizmaster app on your page

Here are the steps to make a single Chidoo Quizmaster app appear on your site:

  1. Activate the Chidoo Quizmaster app in question. You can do this by clicking on the current status of the app, which, by default says inactive and switches to active afterwards.
  2. If the app provides means of configuration, you can do so by clicking on “Configure app” which in turn shows the individual configuration page for the app. Note, the Memory app does not need any further configuration.
  3. Next, create a page where the app in question should appear. Let’s say, for example memory.
  4. Now put the shortcode that belongs to the app on the memory page, don’t forget to save and publish it.

That’s it!

Getting Chidoo Quizmaster

Chidoo Quizmaster is hosted in the official WordPress plugin repository, so you may easily install Chidoo Quizmaster from within your own WordPress installation through the Plugins – install menu. You can download the latest stable version as well as other versions as zip file from

Custom Apps

The Chidoo Quizmaster plugin provides means that let you create your own custom apps. For explanation, have a look at the “How to create custom apps” submenu entry of the plugin. A good starting point is the chiqm-test-app which can be downloaded from here in a couple of days.

To make it available follow these steps:

  1. Create a subfolder folder named “apps” somewhere in your wordpress installation, for example underneath wp-content.
  2. Upload to and unpack within the newly created “apps” folder.
  3. Navigate to Quizmaster in your WordPress backend and set the values for “Custom app directory” and “Custom app URL”.
    “Custom app directory” is the full path to the apps folder, i.e.
    “Custom app URL” is the URL to the apps directory, i.e.
  4. Next, activate the app “The Chidoo Quizmaster Test App”
  5. Create a new page and place the shortcode [chiqm_test_app_shortcode] on that page.
  6. Save and publish the page and you should be ready to go!


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GPL v2 or later. View license online here.