Chidoo Quizmaster is WordPress 5.9 Ready

On 25th of January WordPress is going to release its version 5.9. Chidoo Quizmaster has already being tested and updated to version 0.0.5 and is ready to run!

Chidoo Quizmaster comes with a default application, the Quizmaster Memory, an educational game for learning musical notes in various octave ranges. See below.

The plugin is highly extensible, you are able to create custom applications based on the plug-in’s framework.

Chidoo Quizmaster in action

This is the configuration panel for the memory game. Choose between various card sets.

Select the number of pairs within the game and also, choose the activation or deactivation of the energy mode.

The energy mode allows you to play against a certain number of tries only.

The Game Play

This is the game itself in action. You can see the energy mode at 25%.

But luckily there is only one pair left to open up!

The set shown consists of notes and corresponding note names. Note the given octave range at certain note names (e.g. d‘)

Game Over!!!

All done. And wow, still energy left! All six pairs found in time.

You get the summary of your tries, fails and a quota.

Have a try?