FirstCells was a Grails application developed in 2011-2012. It’s main purpose was to merge Excel-Based cell content into InDesign layouted cell content using the LCS algorithm.

The specification included detailed information about the domain class model, controller classes, services as well as other GROOVY classes.

Also, the entire application model, from its business logic, its persistance concept, roles and conventions and, of course, the description of the implementation of the LCS algorithm regarding how an InDesign cell’s content will evolve, is described within this document.

Development of cell content in FirstCells

The application was used in development of the design of annual reports of German companies like RWE, OLB, CeWe Color, Deufol and others.


Download an excerpt of the specification of FirstCells as PDF file:



A diff Java implementation:

About Data Transfer Objects:

Grails, Groovy, Java & Spring stuff: