NLIB Perl Application Framework

I developed the NLIB Perl Web (and other Application) Framework between 2011 and 2014.

It is a pure object-oriented framework that features various application types (such as CLI, web or API application) as well as session management, templating, entity-object representation and much more.

The framework was used within various applications at my former employer FIRST RABBIT GmbH, a Cologne (Germany) based company focused on creating business annual reports and sustainability reports.

Applications that made use of the NLIB Application Framework were

  • FUSE – a lightweight data exchanging platform between the company and customers
  • FACE – a full-featured platform for creating report previews (low-resolution PDF files) in realtime from InDesign files
  • GRIT – an application for maintaining sustainability report standards like IFRS and providing content fields for report data

Customers who were provided these applications:

  • OLB – Oldenburgische Landesbank
  • RWE
  • CeWe Color
  • Hahn Immobilien
  • Deufol/ D-Logistics
  • SMA Solar
  • Praktiker
  • many more…


The NLIB framework is available on GitHub: